The foundation was chartered in 1995 as a 501 (c ) (3) corporation, originally as the Charlotte Veterans AssociationAs the scope of the programs grew, the name was changed to the Carolinas Freedom Foundation to better reflect the initiatives in which the Foundation is involved.  These range from Honoring our Veterans to Character Development programs within the schools.

Each year, the Carolinas Freedom Foundation sponsors nine programs and awards, most in partnership with some of Charlotte's most outstanding and community minded businesses.  These include, the US Airways Freedom Breakfast, the Freedom Award, the Wreath Laying Ceremony, the Patriotic Art Competition, US Airways Salute to Veterans Parade, the General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products Flags in Classroom project, the Shelton Youth Leadership Challenge, and the AT&T Cadet Achievement Awards (JROTC).
US Airways Freedom Breakfast
AT&T Cadet Achievement Awards (JROTC)
Patriotic Art Competition and Exhibit
Flags in Classrooms
Freedom Award
Stanley Security Solution Shelton Leadership Challenge
US Airways Salute to Veterans Parade
Patriotism Bowl
Wreath Laying Ceremony