*Documentary* An American Patriot: USAF Col J Quincy Collins Jr (Ret) [DVD] $40 Donation

When: Monday, July 1, 2024 - Friday, September 6, 2024
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USAF Col J Quincy Collins Jr (Ret): An american patriot

This DVD supports the mission of Carolinas Freedom Foundation to inspire patriotic citizenship in our youth and community by honoring the service of veterans and first responders.

This is the extraordinary story of a true American Patriot. Captured by the North Vietnamese and imprisoned for seven and a half years, Colonel (retired) Quincy Collins used his innate resolve and the outstanding training that led to his qualification as an elite Air Force fighter pilot to face his captors and emerge as an even stronger and more resolute human being. Wounded twice, he was also twice awarded a Silver Star, in addition to his two Purple Hearts.

Facing a marriage that his time in isolation had destroyed, he met the love of his life, Catherine, and remarried. Returning to life as a civilian, he was highly focused on succeeding at every endeavor. Whether in his very successful venture into real estate, a run for congress or a variety of community service endeavors, he poured himself into making a difference at every level and was recognized by the Governor for his outstanding contributions to public service by being awarded the State's highest civilian award, The Order of the Long Leaf Pine-April 1, 2014.

Quincy's story is one of his pursuit of dreams and bouncing back from the terrible fate life dealt him. It is about accepting the challenge he was dealt by this horrific event, and continuing his journey to make a positive difference in the lives of every individual he encountered.

All this captured in a story of love, heartbreak, recovery and fighting for things in life that matter. His story highlights how one individual-whose unfortunate life events might have sent many others into a downward spiral of self-abuse and destructive behavior- emerged as a vibrant, prolific, and optimistic individual whose contributions to society are incredible.