Send Greetings to Col. Quincy Collins!

When: Sunday, February 12, 2023 - Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Many people have big plans to Cheer the Chiefs to victory or Espouse the Eagles' dominance on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, but February 12, 2023 actually heralds a second very special occasion for the Carolinas Freedom Foundation family...
The 50th Anniversary of Quincy's POW Release!
USAF Col J Quincy Collins, Jr (Ret) was released in Operation Homecoming after being imprisoned by the North Vietnamese for seven and a half years. Repatriation of the 591 U.S. Prisoners of War ran from February 12th through April of 1973. The prisoners (unless seriously injured) were released in the order they were shot down; Quincy was in the first group.

Join the ranks congratulating Col. Quincy Collins for the 50th Anniversary of his POW Release!
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