Freedom Award

The United States was built by men and women who believed in the cause of freedom and were willing to do their part to ensure the country remained free.

An inspiring Freedom Award recipient from the past was then 10-year-old Myles Eckert from Ohio. You may remember Myles' story from February 2014 when he found a $20 bill in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel in Ohio. Myles saw a service man in uniform and wrote him a note with the $20 bill enclosed, to pay it forward. Watch the video story below.

Each year, the Carolinas Freedom Foundation selects an individual, group or organization that has demonstrated their commitment to furthering the cause of freedom. The actual presentation takes place at the annual Freedom Breakfast in November.

Prior recipients include: Ross Perot, General Hugh Shelton, Veterans of World War II (Greatest Generation), former POW Colonel Quincy Collins, the USO, Senator Jesse Helms, Mayor John Belk, Medal of Honor Society, Honor Air, Dr. John Oh (Major) and his Medical Team, Portrait Artist Kaziah Hancock, Purple Heart Homes, Roddey Dowd, Sr. and Dr. Charles Tsui (Charlie Two Shoes).

For more information, please contact:

Name: Moira Quinn
Phone: 704-332-9583