Rising Stars Ambassador Program

Carolinas Freedom Foundation is seeking nominations for the 2022 Class of Rising Stars.
Those who earn this distinction are among the brightest young professionals in the Carolinas.
Nominate your "star" below...

Rising Stars Ambassadors share the Carolinas Freedom Foundation (CFF) mission within their respective communities while living the values of: Honor, Courage, Commitment, Industry, Responsibility, Respect, & Humility. CFF accredits those individuals as Rising Stars, who demonstrate the following principles in extraordinary ways.

  • Patriotism
  • Industry
  • Service

In fulfilling the mission to inspire patriotic citizenship in our youth and community by honoring the service of veterans and first responders, Rising Stars Ambassadors are shining examples of patriots who engage selfless leadership to achieve aspirational goals. Additionally, one Rising Star will receive the highest distinction, the Polaris Award. This honor is awarded to the individual who beats out their competition in a 12-week fundraising campaign to support CFF's youth leadership programs, veteran and  first-responder honor events.

Companies, member organizations, and individuals may nominate candidates for the 2022 Class of Rising Stars. The ideal candidate has shown great leadership initiative while serving within their community and is eager to gain non-profit board-like experience. Concluding their Rising Stars Ambassadorship, many continue their service with CFF through committee and board service. Others take their experience to area non-profit boards. All are revered by CFF, along with our business & community partners.

With honor & appreciation Carolinas Freedom Foundation offers our highest young professional distinction to those 21-39 years old who meet the challenge of becoming Rising Stars Ambassadors. Nominate junior executives, young professionals and entrepreneurs to help them get experiential training and non-profit governance exposure, while gaining leadership skills that translate to corporate, entrepreneurial, and community use.


Nominees for the 2022 Class of Rising Stars Ambassadors must be 21 years of age by July 4, 2021 but not more than 40 years of age before April 1, 2022.

  • Resident of North Carolina
  • Resident of South Carolina
  • Polaris Award winners are not eligible for a 2nd term. 

Tips for Nomination:

Provide detail.

CREATE a Word document for your answers. COPY & PASTE your responses into the web form. It does NOT allow you to save/return and it will TIME OUT... So, keep a copy of your answers.

Nomination deadline - April 30, 2022.


Do you know a young professional who displays extraordinary leadership, selfless service, and pride for bettering their community? Nominate them for a Carolinas Freedom Foundation Rising Stars Ambassador distinction.

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Please be as detailed as you can when you answer these questions. This is the part where you can really tell the story of your nominee and why they deserve to be recognized in our 2022 Rising Stars Polaris Award program!

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Describe How Your Nominee Has Demonstrated Leadership Skills
How Has Your Nominee Influenced the Business or Civic Community or Impacted Their Region of the Carolinas?